the syntactic edges and pause

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Wed Sep 8 18:45:48 EDT 1999

dear henry and other masoretes,

been working on a full theory of the syntactic projection of pausal
phonology. have been keen on identifying the darks (after the spy
satellites called darks in the movie Contact): where pause ought to
be, but the form does not show variation. think we're almost there.

put together a database of 2237 predicted darks. crossclassified them
by accents in the 21 books.

Henry's numbers		predicted darks
d0	60.0%		60.8%
d1	31.9%		31.3%
d2	6.4%		6.5%
d3	0.8%		0.8%
conj	0.9%		0.4%

looking better and better!  ;-)

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