REcent Biblio on Hebrew Verb

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Wed Sep 8 14:13:50 EDT 1999

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For those wanting some good articles/chapters on the Hebrew verb that cover
the things we discuss on the list:

*Buth, Randall. 1992. The Hebrew Verb in Current Discussions. Journal of
Translation and Textlinguistics 5, 2: 91-105.
*Gentry, Peter J. 1998. The System of the Finite Verb in Classical Biblical
Hebrew. Hebrew Studies 39: 7-39.
*Gropp, Douglas M. 1991. The Function of the Finite Verb in Classical
Biblical Hebrew. Hebrew Annual Review 13: 45-62.
*Hendel, R. S. 1996. In the Margins of the Hebrew Verbal System: Situation,
Tense, Aspect and Mood. Zeitschrift für Althebraistik 9: 152-181.
*Longacre, R. E. 1992. Discourse Perspective on the Hebrew Verb: Affirmation
and Restatement. In Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew, ed. Walter R. Bodine.
177-190. Winona Lake, Indiana: Eisenbrauns.
*Niccacci, Alviero. 1997. Basic Facts and Theory of the Biblical Hebrew Verb
System in Prose. In Narrative Syntax and the Hebrew Bible: Papers of the
Tilburg Conference 1996. Biblical Interpretation Series vol.29, ed. Ellen
van Wolde. 167-202. Leiden: Brill.
*Revell, E. J. 1989. The System of the Verb in Standard Biblical Prose.
Hebrew Union College Annual 60: 1-37.

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