pronoun att(a) in pause

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Tue Sep 7 12:36:41 EDT 1999

some curiosities with 2s pronouns (picked them because of three
variants of attah).

raw numbers
2ms 744:  )F^T.FH 54 (7.3%),  )A^T.FH 26 (3.5%),  )AT.F^H 664 (89.2%)
2fs  57:  )FT.:    7 (12.3%), )AT.:   50 (87.7%)

2fs a little off, but if combined, barely shifts the 7% major pause
number. in any case, quite a bit less than 20% pausals (as often

but notice pausal forms by the accents of the 21 prose books:

		D0f	DO	D1f	D1	D2

)F^T.FH		16	19	0	 0	0
)FT.:		 2	 4	0	 0	0
)A^T.FH		 0	 0	5	15	3

these numbers approximate henry's stats nicely 64% d0, 31.2% d1, 4.7%
but that's not what interests me: it's the distrubtion of major pause.
on this basis we can say major pause is tied to the halfverses,
period. very nice.

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