TH, nesiga and pause, henry

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Sun Sep 5 23:40:33 EDT 1999

mon ami, henri,

btw, i 've finally got my office moved around, and my computer back
home and set up, with any luck i'll be able to dig out from under the
mess before the end of the world 2000 (or 5760, whatever). ;-)  at the
very least, ought to be able to catch up on our correspondence.

re: nesiga's numbers not patterning with pause:

that's interesting! i'm wondering if there are complications that
bleed off the numbers. what do you think?

e.g., nesiga requires two words in a phrase, pause doesn't: ought to
cut numbers in half on average (as you point out, e.g., with d0, 32.5%
nesiga, 60.0% pause: that's about right!).

e.g., nesiga environments and maqqef for stress clashes: some
interaction there, maybe, too?

can't think of anything else offhand.
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