Jerusalem, neuter plural

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Somehow I don't think the man would live long who came unto the King and shouted,
"Hey, Dude!"

Even if the "-ayim" ending for Jerusalem were "later" -- and who knows how much
"later"--- it no doubt expressed a hope at some point that the city as a Foundation of
Peace would be doubly blessed, or doubly expressive of that peace.  That, at least, is
one possible way of translating the term.

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Henry Churchyard wrote:

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> > Doesn't the fact that it's spelled without the YOD 99+% of the time
> > (plus the LXX spelling plus the Aramaic spelling) show that in fact this
> > pronunciation is late and contrived?
> So does the fact that David is spelled without yodh consistently in
> the books of Samuel and Kings mean that his name was originally "Dude"?  ;-)
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