vav conversive

Brian Tucker music at
Fri Sep 3 10:29:11 EDT 1999




Your posts have been very helpful, especially with respect to the
discussion on the nature of a word. One thing that was mentioned
yesterday is still unclear, if you or Paul for that matter would
respond, I would like to know what is wrong with referring to the
construction as a vav or waw conversive?

Paul Zellmer wrote:
>The questions appeared to be
> honest, and they deserved honest responses even if those responses would
> then immediately be followed up by disclaimers that the concept (like
> the waw-conversive) is no longer considered a realistic explanation of
> the data.
What, from your perspecitive would be a more cogent explanation of the
(waw-conversive)? I have found your remarks to be rather helpful and I
am interested in the current thinking on this matter.


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