Joshua and Jeshua

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Jeshua is most likely a parallel form with Joshua, both of which are short forms
deriving apparently  from Yehoshua.  "Joshua" is spelled "Yehoshua" in the Masoretic
text of that book, but  the same son of Nun is called "Hoshea" in Numbers 13:8, and
"Yeshua"  in the Hebrew text at Nehemiah 8:17.  I have read somewhere that the "short
forms" may be due to the influence of Aramaic, but do not have ready access to that

Solomon Landers
Memra Institute for Biblical Research

Tony Costa wrote:

> Can anyone shed some light on the relation between Joshua (Yehoshua) and
> Jeshua. I understand that Jeshua appears in the post-exilic texts like
> Zechariah. Is Jeshua a later development from Joshua or a contracted form of
> Joshua? Many thanks.
>                                  Tony Costa, B.A.
>                                  University of Toronto

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