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Thu Sep 2 14:33:55 EDT 1999

Brian Tucker wrote:
> Greetings
> Paul Zellmer wrote:
> >
> <snipped>
> > But all this is beside the point.  As I understood the original
> > questions, Brian Tucker (in part) seemed to have run across some terms
> > in some grammars, and he wanted to make sure he understood what was
> > being addressed.  Whether we personally agree with the terms or not,
> > whether or not they are in vogue among "the scholars" today, they are
> > nontheless terms found in the grammars that were used to attempt to
> > explain what was observed in the data.  The questions appeared to be
> > honest, and they deserved honest responses even if those responses would
> > then immediately be followed up by disclaimers that the concept (like
> > the waw-conversive) is no longer considered a realistic explanation of
> > the data.
> >
> What, from your perspecitive would be a more cogent explanation of the
> (waw-conversive)? I have found your remarks to be rather helpful and I
> am interested in the current thinking on this matter.
> Thanks
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