Ps. 95:7c

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Could I solicit your opinions with regard to how the clause at the end
of Psalm 95:7 should be rendered.  Is it an optative ("Today, if only
you would hear his voice!") or is it the protasis of a conditional
clause, with the following verses as the apodosos ("Today, if you hear
his voice, then do not harden your hearts").

The latter is the way the LXX and the quotation in Hebrews 3 are usually
translated -- which might lead to a secondary question: Does the LXX
(and Heb. 3) necessarily have to be rendered as a protasis and apodosis?
Or can EAN + subjunctive be used to express a wish?

Are there clues/evidences in the context or in the grammar to indicate
which rendering is best?  (The "problem" with taking vv.8ff. as the
apodosis is that there is a change in pronoun from third to first person
-- but such a shift is probably not unheard of elsewhere in the Psalms!)

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!



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