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Matthew Anstey manstey at
Wed Sep 1 23:05:11 EDT 1999

Gday all,

Another classic case of a end-of-clause new topic I think is the genealogy
at the end of Ruth. Most geneaologies (ie Matthew and Luke) function this
way since they tend to go chronologically. This naturally allows the main
item of interest to be the last item in the list. In Ruth it is the dramatic
mention of David to finish the tale. Nothing fancy, but it seems to me
another case of BH confirming to the cross-linguistic tendency to introduce
New Topics at the end of the things. Every name in this geneaology is a New
Topic naturally but only for an split-second. By finishing with David and
his obvious place in DTR his introduction seems to linger ...

Just my thoughts,

With regards,

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