b-hebrew digest: August 31, 1999

Lael Caesar caesarl at andrews.edu
Wed Sep 1 11:24:34 EDT 1999

Re:  Job 19:25
George does in fact have it correct.  The outrage of friends at what they and many more consider
Job's blasphemy remains in tension with the divine affirmation on Job at the close of the drama.
George's interpretation recognizes this tension and provides an effective explanation.  The deity
whom Job apparently insults is also the one before whom he is confident that he would be vindicated
if only he could have his day in court.  Their notion of deity permits the friends to find Job's
present situation perfectly logical.  On the other hand, Job's sense of God as go'el both preserves
and reconciles the tensions between his offense at his current experience and his cry to God for an
explanation.  However vicious the supreme God may have been to him [for he knows nothing of an
adversary], Job insists that 1) God knows that his treatment is unfair; 2) God would acknowledge as
much if so required.

Lael Caesar
caesarl at andrews.edu

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