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Tue Nov 30 16:18:34 EST 1999

> George Athas wrote:
> > simply different. The scribes could have opted to put Gen 2:4ff at the
> beginning so that

> Lee R.Martin Wrote
> I disagree, however, with your statement that Gen. 2:4 could come before
> 1:1.  This is where Gunkel erred.  The Hebrew word "toledoth" does not
> "origin," it means "progeny."  Gen 1 tells of the creation of "heaven and
> earth," then Gen 2 tells of the progeny of heaven and earth.  Please see
> Brevard Childs for an excellent theological explanation of the two
> I have recently written a paper on the topic that will be published in the
> spring in a Festschrift.
> Lee R. Martin

Frank Moore Cross also argues that 2:4 is in its correct position, and is
used by P as a superscription to the paradise narrative.  (F.M.Cross
Canaanite Myth and Hebrew epic. p302)


Noel O Riordan

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