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Tue Nov 30 12:22:38 EST 1999

> Dear Dave and Others,
> Wiseman's theory does not fit the Genesis material for several reasons.
> First of all, the Babylonian accounts did not use the word "toledoth."

What is the Akkadian word?

> Secondly, most of the  occurrences of toledoth in Genesis are clearly
> headings.  Thirdly, I believe that Wiseman has a vested interest.  I seem to
> remember that he is attempting to prove that the Moses pieced together
> ancient sources from the second millennium BCE. (See also R. K. Harrison)

Wiseman may be the book I read in the 80's because it was taking 
pretty much the same approach.  I'm not exactly sure how this 
constitutes a "vested interest," but I'll let that pass.  As I recall, the 
idea was the similarity between the toledoth accounts in Genesis 
and some second-millennium Babylonian/Akkadian records, at 
least as far as structure is concerned.  My Akkadian is much more 
rusty than I would like to admit, but I for one would be interested in 
pursuing this discussion if the rest think it's appropriate for the list.

Dave Washburn
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