Genesis 2:4

Lee R. Martin lmartin at
Tue Nov 30 09:28:01 EST 1999

George Athas wrote:
> simply different. The scribes could have opted to put Gen 2:4ff at the
beginning so that
> our Hebrew Bibles started with "This is the history of heavens...." It's a
bit like saying
> that the second poem in an anthology of poems is necessarily the end of
the first poem and
> must come after the first poem. It isn't and it doesn't have to. Or that
Hymn 2 is
> actually the last verse of Hymn 1. It wouldn't be. They're just different.
We should note
> and appreciate the differences of the creation accounts in Genesis

Dear George,
I agree with your statement that we should appreciate the differences
between the two creation accounts.  Your point is very important.  I
disagree, however, with your statement that Gen. 2:4 could come before Gen.
1:1.  This is where Gunkel erred.  The Hebrew word "toledoth" does not mean
"origin," it means "progeny."  Gen 1 tells of the creation of "heaven and
earth," then Gen 2 tells of the progeny of heaven and earth.  Please see
Brevard Childs for an excellent theological explanation of the two accounts.
I have recently written a paper on the topic that will be published in the
spring in a Festschrift.
Lee R. Martin

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