inf absolutes?

Tue Nov 30 02:54:28 EST 1999

> is there a comprehensive study of the infinitive absolute? form, syntax,
> distribution, semantics, etc, etc? if not, it ought to be done: it's not
> that big of a project.

        Mark Smith gave a paper last month on the inf. abs. at a congress 
        in Beer Sheva.  I assume it will appear in the proceedings when 
        they are published (E.J. Brill).
        A doctoral dissertation on the subject is being prepared by Shigeo 
        Takeuchi, though I don't know when it will be finished, and it 
        will be written in Japanese (though I've heard that the Hebrew 
        tense-aspect system is very similar to the Japanese...).  You 
        could e-mail him at: atake at
        Best wishes,
        Max Rogland, Leiden University

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