beginner - please help!

Garrett B Trott gtrott at
Mon Nov 29 22:52:53 EST 1999

On Mon, 29 Nov 1999 11:02:29 -0000 Peter Golden
<PGolden at> writes:
>Hi all
>I am a beginner in Biblical Hebrew and am have just started reading
>Roland Harrison's book 'Teach Yourself Biblical Hebrew' (the only book 
>could find on the subject!). Has anybody on the list
>read this book or have anby thoughts on it? Also, could anyone point 
>to useful resources on the Internet for Biblical Hebrew. I 
>need a copy of the Bible in Hebrew.

I'm not sure about a Hebrew OT on the internet, but I believe (and
someone correct me if I'm wrong) that they do give them out free via
United Bible Societies, if it is your first Hebrew OT.  From what I have
heard they are not the same quality as the BHS, but they do have the same

Also, an excellent tool for beginning Hebrew is the multi-media Hebrew
Tutor by Parson's Technology.  Excellent for learning and excellent for

Hope that helps,

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