tohu vabohu (was: Re: new subscriber)

Armando Cottim (DSI) armando.cottim at
Mon Nov 29 09:39:53 EST 1999


Just a quick word to share with you what I learned from my Hebrew teacher
(Dr. Jacques Doukhan, currently teaching at the USA), who had his ThD with a
dissertation on Genesis and the creation accounts.

To him, both accounts of the creation (Gen. 1 and 2) were parallels (I
haven't got enough time to explain this and I haven't got enough knowledge
to defend this) and tohu vanobu was in parallel with the expression in Gen
2:5 where it says there was nothing on earth.

Dr. Doukhan's ThD dissertation was published (I don't think his PhD
dissertation in France was published) and is available. I already found the
publisher and have the address at home, should anyone want to request info
on this book. I also have the email address of Dr. Doukhan and will be more
than happy to forward any question to him.

Just my 2 cents


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