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> Peter, you make the comment below in your post that Toldot signifies the beginning of
> an accounting. Have you seen P.J. Wiseman's research (from his book "New
> Discoveries in Babylonia about Genesis") in which he describes the Toldot passages
> as ENDS of accounts, where Toldot signifies a sort of a colophon, which were
> commonly placed at the end of Akkadian and Sumerian documents?

Very interesting suggestion. However, this would seem to go against the content of the
various toledot in Genesis. Eg, Gen 6:9 refers to the 'Toledot' of Noah. Noah's account
comes after this little statement, so perhaps Genesis uses it differently to Akkadian.
However, there is a case to be made that Gen 37:2 is a colophon at the end of the Jacob
narratives rather than a superscription to the Joseph narratives. I'm not sure whether it
would work, but it's worth looking into.

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