A little trust and time (was New Subscriber)

Jonathan Bailey jonathan.bailey at gmx.de
Sun Nov 28 19:56:20 EST 1999

I think that in the case of Mr. Miles' posts the quickest cure would have been to 
provide an answer, as I do not think he is able to understand them. Ian's fairly 
effortless quotes of the MT, LXX and Vulgate were probably enough to baffle him into 
silence. Peter Kirk's and Rodney Duke's elaborate demonstrations refuting gap theory 
exegesis from a solid linguistic analysis most certainly annihilated any chance of 
hearing from Mr. Miles, while at the same time letting him know what sort of thing IS 
done on here, so he will know that if he ever learns some Hebrew, he is welcome 

Blasting him with personal slurs says more about us than about him.

But I am noticing that I am writing about three personal mails for every one that is 
actually list related, so I will quit my sermon. Just thought I would get my 2 cents in. 


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