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Sun Nov 28 21:17:22 EST 1999

> Peter, you make the comment below in your post that Toldot signifies the beginning of 
> an accounting. Have you seen P.J. Wiseman's research (from his book "New 
> Discoveries in Babylonia about Genesis") in which he describes the Toldot passages 
> as ENDS of accounts, where Toldot signifies a sort of a colophon, which were 
> commonly placed at the end of Akkadian and Sumerian documents? 

I haven't read this particular book, but I did come across a book in 
the early 80's, I couldn't tell you the author or the actual title 
(something to do with "Ancient Records" or somthing like that), all I 
remember is it was published by Nelson (big help...) that took the 
same approach.  If these books are correct, it makes the 
"generations of the heavens and the earth" reference in Gen 2 
much more sensible, as well as several others.  Like you, I wonder 
what Peter thinks of this idea since he's worked through all the 

Dave Washburn
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