"From man" in Micah 2:12

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(My apologies if any of you have received this twice.  I sent it several
hours ago, but haven't seen it "posted" yet.)

I've been working on Micah 2:12-13 and am somewhat puzzled by the last
couple of words of verse 12:  TeHiYMeNaH Me'aDaM  (Pardon my lousy
transliteration; I'm not sure what method of transliteration is usual on
this list.)

The options that I've seen so far in my study have been

(1) The MIN here is privative ("without a man" = "without anyone to take
care of them").  The people (sheep) will be confused and noisy because
they don't have a shepherd to care for them.  This seems to be the
option Bruce Waltke takes.

(2) The MIN here is causal ("because of man") and it indicates the
reason for the confusion, namely, the enemy preparing to attack.  Hence,
Leslie Allen renders it: "bleating in fear of man" (cf. also NEB).

(3) The MIN here is causal ("because of man") and it indicates that the
place will be noisy because of the number of people who are being
gathered together ("because of man" = "because of the number of
people").  This is the option taken by Keil (cf. NIV: "the place will
throng with people").

The problem with (1) and (2) might be that the context is one of
comfort.  YHWH is promising to gather his people -- the remnant --
together  (v.12) and to lead them (v.13).  A reference to fear (whether
because of the enemy or because of the lack of leadership) seems
somewhat out of place.  The third option doubtless has its problems,
too....  And I notice that Mays just asks the question and leaves it

Any suggestions?



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