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Hello.  Is anyone home?  Can this ridiculous argument be brought to a

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On Sat, 27 Nov 1999 16:06:15 -0800 "Michael Miles"
<michaelwm at> writes:
>Your take on the subject is the more correct than those here that 
>presume to
>have comprehension of the texts when they do not take them in based 
>what other parts of scripture dictate to be true.  If a person with 
>sense, not mere scholarship in the tongue, were to dissect Genesis 1:2 
>light of the verses in Jeremiah and Isaiah that I cited then they 
>could come
>to no viable conclusion, within the realms of common sense, other than 
>infact being a gap of a large expanse of time being eluded to.
>Why is the word REPLENISH used in Genesis 1:28 when YHVH speaks to 
>people created on the sixth day; those allowed to eat of any tree?  
>Check it
>in the Hebrew.  Some work for dissectors.
>Who is "thy seed" in Genesis 3:15, when YHVH is speaking to Satan?
>Who are the Kenites as mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:55; tacked onto the 
>of the listing of the tribe of Judah and what does their name mean?  
>work for dissectors of Hebrew.
>What does the word <Strong's 8435 Hebrew> (to-led-ah) mean?  Check 
>every use in all of the Hebrew Scriptures and kindly explain why 
>argue it to be used as a recapitulation of the creation of the sixth 
>people when in fact it is not a recapitulation at all and serves to 
>that THE Adam, with the article and particle, was made on the eighth 
>after YHVH rested and found He had no man to till the soil.  More work 
>Just a friendly exercise in Hebrew both for those seeking truth and 
>snooty with worldy wisdom but blinded by oneupmanship in the 
>Think on these things.  They are fundamental in truly UNDERSTANDING 
>Biblical Hebrew.  I would assume that a Ginsu knife would be all that 
>needs to merely dissect it.  Oh, and perhaps bandaids.
>Tony wrote:
>> At 01:30 PM 11/27/99 -0800, you wrote:
>> [snip]
>> >Simple dissection of Biblical Hebrew offers NOTHING and is
>> >vanity indeed without blessings of comprehension from above.
>> But, Michael, "simple dissection of Biblical Hebrew" is precisely 
>> list is all about. Those of us who subscribe to this list see value 
>> an endeavor. Since you do not, perhaps this isn't the list for you.
>> Peace,
>> Tony
>> P.S. I, too, am a Bible teacher, and I agree that prayerful 
>reflection on
>> the text can lead us where scholarship may not. But it is the 
>> that helps me to reflect fruitfully, and--even more important--that 
>> me focused on what the text (God, if you will) is trying to say, 
>> than just on what I think the text is saying to me.
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