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Sat Nov 27 23:17:41 EST 1999


The new Aramaic Grammar by Professor Greenspahn is indeed an excellent tool. 
It can be used both for self-instruction or in a classroom setting. And, 
unlike Rosenthal's, this is a grammar geared towards the learning and 
acquisition of the language skills necessary for the reading of the Aramaic 
passages in the Bible and those found elsewhere.

Check it out for yourself. I think you'll come to the same conclusions as me.

Gilbert Lozano, 
Univ. of Denver/Iliff School of Theology

>===== Original Message From Ken Litwak <kdlitwak at concentric.net> =====
>  WHile at SL last weekend, I didn't see the new Aramaic grammer from
>Scholars Press.  Did anyone see it and does anyone have an iopinion on
>it?  Would it be worth ordering for self-study?  I've never taken an
>Aramaic course, and at the moment have no space in my schedule to do
>so.I have Rosenthal's grammer but that is not a book for learning
>Aramaic from so far as I can tell.   Thanks.
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