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> As I did a word-search in BW on "son of Neriah" in Jeremiah, I came up
> with both Baruch and Seraiah.  Are they brothers or the same person?

 Dear Jay

 Seriah the son of Neriah the son of Maaseiah (Jeremiah 51:59) may well
 have been the brother of Baruch son of Neriah the son of Maaseiah
 (Jeremiah 32:12). Baruch was a realtor who issued the title deeds of
 the property in Anathoth which Jeremiah purchased on God's orders.
 This Baruch later appears as Jeremiah's scribe and/or legal advisor.

 Seriah was a member of King Zedekiah's Court Staff, about to be taken
 captive to Babylon. Jeremiah gives him a copy of the prophecies against
 Babylon, which he is to publish there, and then throw the weighted scroll
 into the Euphrates as a sign that these words are irrevocable.


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