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Good grief, I did not intend for this to get into a heated discussion.

If someone has done a word study on the words tohu wbohu (as either separate words or as a phrase), I would greatly appreciate some thoughts.  I have just purchased an Evan-Shoshan recently and am a little rusty/new at some of the exegesis.

I am somewhat familiar with the "gap" theories of Creation (introduced to it in a Genesis class) but am still at a loss to what these specific Hebrew words are indicating...i.e. do they refer to the same thing in other areas in Scripture as they do here in Genesis (i.e. gap)?

I would like to compare my notes with someone else who has taken the time to look all the references up in the past... or has studied it.

As for Mike, thank you for your preliminary comments to my post.  Sorry I'm responding so late.  I hear what you are saying and understand VERY DEEPLY your stance on studying Scripture.  I agree that methodology is VERY important and perhaps helps us understand where each other is coming from when we understanding others' methodologies of studying Scripture.  If you would like to discuss this, I would be happy to do it off line as I have made the mistake in the past of bringing too much "hermeneutical opinion" to lists that are not meant to promote such an area of discussion.  I too am teaching Old Testament at my church, at least beginning a Biblical Studies Program in January.  Hermeneutics has been a very important area of discussion for me in the past.  I would be happy to bounce ideas with you personally if you would like.

I am on the list to hear views for others around me, and to share what I have discovered in my personal study so far (and mostly just listen).  All this to say that I have found the comments that directly address the question of this Hebrew phrase helpful, as sparse at it seems.  But the rest of the comments are only making me sorry for ever asking the question.  I am hurt that all these accusations are flying around (though perfectly understandable by those who are passionate about what they teach and learn).  I hope the personal comments can stay to a minimum and we can get on to learning.

Thank you all for your input.

(Next time, I'll have my notes out so I can address it more specifically...sorry for the vague question so far).

Somi., MTS
Biblical Studies, Director
Living Hope Fellowship
Burnaby, B.C.  (Canada)

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