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Sat Nov 27 21:47:25 EST 1999

On 11/27/99 18:18:07 Ken wrote:

>  WHile at SL last weekend, I didn't see the new Aramaic grammer from
>Scholars Press.  Did anyone see it and does anyone have an iopinion on
>it?  Would it be worth ordering for self-study?  I've never taken an
>Aramaic course, and at the moment have no space in my schedule to do
>so.I have Rosenthal's grammer but that is not a book for learning
>Aramaic from so far as I can tell.   Thanks.

Ken, I can't say anything about the new grammar from Scholars' Press, but you're certainly right 
bout Rosenthal.  It's a reference grammar.  Our first year Aramaic class uses it in conjunction 
with Yerushalmi's inductive study of Ezra and Daniel, available from HUC/JIR.

Jane Harper
Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA

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