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Sat Nov 27 19:27:22 EST 1999


I'll take a hint from those with their shorts hiked up and their noses
scratching the ceiling that my non-academic self is not welcome here.  I
feel fine about it, as the disease may be a catching one and I'd want to
avoid it at all costs.  I'll leave you now so that you may once again make
the Scriptures your playground.  Don't run with the scissors, Jim, you might
hurt yourself or someone else.


Jimmy wrote:

> This is too much.  I request the list owner to stop such inflammatory
> nonsense before this becomes a newsgroup instead of an academic list.
> >
> >As far as the topic being BIBLICAL Hebrew, I feel it correct to have
> >forth the FACTS that I did.  If you'd care to discuss perhaps COMIC BOOK
> >Hebrew, then perhaps there's a place for that elsewhere.
> Outrageous.
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> Jim West, ThD
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