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At 01:30 PM 11/27/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I also think it an ODD thing that men would presume to take upon themselves
>the understanding of the Word of God outside of HIS blessing on the
>individual to have comprehension.  It is not merely a thing of linguistics
>or typology, but a gift and to spend much time in without seeking His help
>makes the whole process rather a moot point, as one will never come to
>understanding without His help.  This is an example of why Christ spoke in
>parables.  It was not and is not now for those that are not meant to see.
>But, I see that I am once again speaking "Christian" and not Hebrew;
>neverminding the fact that Christianity is reality and religion shall be the
>downfall of man.  Simple dissection of Biblical Hebrew offers NOTHING and is
>vanity indeed without blessings of comprehension from above.

i renew my request- this time a bit more forcefully, that the list owner
take action.  This is egregious.


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