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Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sat Nov 27 17:57:27 EST 1999

>> >if you believe it to be possible to do so.  If not, then
>> >take it as a sermon and learn from it.
>> This sort of stuff is rather presumptuous and would have been better
>Prove it wrong 

What is presumptuous is the "righteous" tone that you impose. Stop it please.

As to proving you wrong, does one have to prove every idea that is put
before one wrong, no matter what its foundation is or is not? You haven't
taken the time to give any substance to your claims. So, there is nothing
to prove wrong or right. I have seen people on this list working to get at
what a text means, not bringing their ideas to the text and making them fit.

>or be silent on what you know not of.  If you're such a "scholar" in the 
>original tongues, then prove it wrong.  If you merely take
>a flippant attitude and pigeonhole me as a preacher, then you do all the
>world a disservice in not showing them that you can prevail over a lowly
>one, such as myself.  Prove what I stated as wrong; or is it that you are
>UNABLE to do so?  Prove it to be presumtuous, as you stated it was.  Or do
>you make it a habit of labeling things that you do not understand?

The tone is still all wrong. You have said very little that fits into the
category of provable things. Your belief that the world became without form
and void is based on the belief in creatio ex nihilo, ie a belief based on
a belief. We're a long way from facts. 

>As far as the topic being BIBLICAL Hebrew, I feel it correct to have brought
>forth the FACTS that I did.  

Half a fact. And what seems to be a load of irrelevance from the NT. How
did the ancients understand the text?

wh'rc hyth thw wbhw
hE de gE En ahoratos kai akataskeuastos
terra autem erat inanis et vacua

You can argue with them! "became"? I think you should attempt to prove it,
if proving things is so important to you.

>If you'd care to discuss perhaps COMIC BOOK
>Hebrew, then perhaps there's a place for that elsewhere.

Tone. You're still having problems!



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