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> >if you believe it to be possible to do so.  If not, then
> >take it as a sermon and learn from it.
> This sort of stuff is rather presumptuous and would have been better

Prove it wrong or be silent on what you know not of.  If you're such a
"scholar" in the original tongues, then prove it wrong.  If you merely take
a flippant attitude and pigeonhole me as a preacher, then you do all the
world a disservice in not showing them that you can prevail over a lowly
one, such as myself.  Prove what I stated as wrong; or is it that you are
UNABLE to do so?  Prove it to be presumtuous, as you stated it was.  Or do
you make it a habit of labeling things that you do not understand?

As far as the topic being BIBLICAL Hebrew, I feel it correct to have brought
forth the FACTS that I did.  If you'd care to discuss perhaps COMIC BOOK
Hebrew, then perhaps there's a place for that elsewhere.


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