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Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sat Nov 27 14:30:46 EST 1999

From: "Will Wagers"
>> It's not Sunday, so why the sermon?

Good question, Will.

From: "Michael Miles"
>Sorry, I'm a Bible teacher and I didn't mean to make it come across like a
>sermon.  I'm real sorry I offended you, but I don't take it as correct that
>Sunday is the only day that truth be taught, and neither did Christ.

It's not a matter of offense, but of wasting our time. And the list is not
specifically for Christians, so please consider what you say before you
post otherwise it will come across as a Christian sermon -- as your
original post does.

>Perhaps next time you might invest a little more thought into what I showed
>you from the Scriptures and comment about the topic, rather than your
>dislike of having it spelled out to you.  I'd appreciate you proving my
>teachings WRONG, 

You did not put teaching forward, you put your beliefs:

"I believe that the world BECAME void and without form"

In scholarly circles I haven't seen anyone pushing this old idea for
decades -- the old creation two-step. You seem to be stretching the
significance of one word at the cost of the context:

"In the beginning of God's creating of the world, it [be] empty and formless."

This is followed by the giving of form and the filling of the world.

It makes *no historical sense* to use NT references to clarify the
significance of the Hebrew text. You need to be able to show the
relationships between the Greek texts and the original Hebrew before you
try to elucidate the older text from the newer. So, before you continue in
the vane that you have please do the footwork.

>if you believe it to be possible to do so.  If not, then
>take it as a sermon and learn from it.

This sort of stuff is rather presumptuous and would have been better omitted.

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