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Well, I tried it allowing for wildcard letters in the lo (in case it was written with a vav), 
before the lo (in case there was no vav) in place of the mem in shavtem (in case of 
other suffixes), before shavtem (in case there were prefixes), in the neum (in case 
there was a vav there), and I did it with the tetragrammaton and el+wildcard (allowing 
for elohim, el, eloheichem, etc), and I found only those five references. I have not 
looked at altered word order, but I thought that since you were probably looking for a 
standardized phrase, different word order would not fit your criteria.

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>Could someone with a computerized Hebrew concordance tell me every occurance
>of the phrase "welo shavtem adi neum yhwh"  (Amos 4:6b, 8b, 9b, 10b, 11b)-
>does it occur elsewhere in the Hebrew Bible?




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