b-hebrew digest: November 18, 1999

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Mon Nov 22 16:32:54 EST 1999

I was one of those who continued the thread allegedly about the dating 
of the Pharaohs. But in the context of this list the point (which 
admittedly we did not always stick to strictly) was not the dating of 
the Pharaohs, it was the dating of the kings etc of Israel and their 
possible identification with people mentioned in the Amarna letters. 
That is certainly a subject relevant to the interpretation of the 
Hebrew Bible.

I think we do need to decide and agree whether this list is for 
discussion of the biblical Hebrew language only or for wider 
discussion of the Hebrew Bible. In recent months it has become almost 
solely the latter, as the great majority of threads have had little to 
do directly with the Hebrew language. I am happy with this situation, 
but if others are not, maybe we need to reconsider the scope of this 

Peter Kirk


Marlon wrote:-

>For example, although I understand that Ian  Hutchesson
>rightly became a little ticked off by the fact  that  Bill Rea gave 
>irrelevant example of  the dating of  the Pharaoh's

I used the example of the dating of the Pharaohs as it was a subject
which had recently been discussed. The participants claimed it was
relevant to the list, I believed otherwise. I'm glad you think it's
irrelevant too :-)

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