Encyclopaedia Judaica on CD

JWE jwe1 at home.com
Sat Nov 20 13:26:18 EST 1999


I'm new to the list and to be painfully honest, I'm not in the same league as Y'all, (I'm self taught in
Hebrew), but I am learning a great deal from your post's, replies, websites, etc.

I have a copy (book) of "Webster's NewWorld Dictionary" which has Hebrew/English and
English/Hebrew Translations and Transliterations (I'm really MORE interested in transLITERATIONS), I was
wondering if any of you could tell me if there is this type of "Dictionary" or other programs on CD that I can
use on my computer (PC-Win 98) to find and "Copy & Paste"  English/Hebrew words, etc.? I have a program called
"Super Milon" which has a limited dictionary data base, but I would like to know if there is something as
extensive as this Webster's on CD.

I have tried ALL the different search engines trying to find this type of program, but haven't had any luck.

Thank you for ANY help and for the different post's you all have made to the list, sharing your knowledge in
Hebrew!!!   :^)

                                                G-d Bless,

                                                   J.W. Embry

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