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>Please bear with me if my question is a
>little dumb. Would someone please explain the
>concept of "midrash"? I would also appreciate
>a critical response to it with reference as to why it
>is/is not superior to the historical-grammatical
>approach to exegesis and why it should/should not
>be used.
>Also, is this method truly the method used by Jesus
>along with the apostles? 

Midrash- from the verb darash "to seek" is a method of rabbinic exposition
and exegesis which seeks to find the meaning, to the minutest of details, of
the text of the bible.  as to whether jesus used midrashic methods it is
hard to say since we dont have any expositions of texts by him.  that the
apostles used midrashic method seems as uncertain as well, since we dont
have any exegeses by them either.  it is, however, doubtful as none of them
were trained as rabbis.




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