S.D. & J.A. Mannix q4402112 at topaz.cqu.edu.au
Thu Nov 18 03:41:20 EST 1999


I'm quite new to Hebrew and hope to 
one day be able to preach with authority
from reference to the Hebrew text along
with having the ability to critically review
manuscripts, translations, and doctrine (quite
a tall order, I know!)

Please bear with me if my question is a
little dumb. Would someone please explain the
concept of "midrash"? I would also appreciate
a critical response to it with reference as to why it
is/is not superior to the historical-grammatical
approach to exegesis and why it should/should not
be used.

Also, is this method truly the method used by Jesus
along with the apostles? 


Steve Mannix
q4402112 at topaz.cqu.edu.au

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