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If you are interested, I could probably find you a wealth of 
information about the use of pomegranates and figs in folk medicine 
here in Azerbaijan, some of which may well go back to the folk 
medicine of the ancient Near East. Also I read that Pliny the elder 
mentioned pomegranates as a universal remedy. No doubt the same 
phenomena would be explained by modern medicine in terms of these 
fruits being a valuable source of vitamins. But very likely they were 
valued simply as tasty fruit. Have you ever eaten fresh pomegranate? 
It is a much valued part of my own daily diet at this time of year.

Peter Kirk

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Subject: dt 8:8
Author:  <jwest at highland.net> at Internet
Date:    19/11/1999 11:25

the list of products here are interesting to me for a number of reasons.  i 
am fairly sure that wheat was used for human consumption, barley for feeding 
animals, vines for the production of wine, figs...???, just a snack i 
suppose, pomegranates...????  ,  olive oil for lamps etc, and honey for 

what i am wondering about is if anyone knows of particular cultic or 
pharmaceutical uses for pomegranates or figs.




Jim West, ThD
jwest at highland.net

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