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Bill Rea wrote:

>Please explain why you think this. I have followed with great interest
>the discussion of models put forward by Rolf Furuli and others about
>the Hebrew verbal system, discussions of various nuances of translation
>of participles, discusions of the meaning of key words in various
>passages, and so on.  I don't see how the dating of, say, the Pharoahs
>of Egypt,

Ian Hutchesson wrote:

<<I didn't mention dates of pharaohs or whatever you think you should be
talking about. I was talking about biblical Hebrew not pharaohs. ...

Dear all,

I have been following the discussion about  minimalism and its influence on
linguistic aspects. I think that  a clear decision needs to be made on
whether the list is also  for  "philosophical prolegomena"
related to the Hebrew Bible or  just on linguistic matters. I am new to the
list and am enjoying the fact the both aspects are given "airtime" on the
list.  They are interrelated.

Thus, Ian Hutchesson is right in pointing out that the issues of historical
framework do relate to linguistic and exegetical decisions.  On the other
hand, Bill Rea is  right that not everything can be discussed in debt when
it comes to the broader matters of  historical presuppositions.

This list  will be better off  if both strands are kept.

Bill Rea wrote:

>Reading an email of
>more than a page or two quickly becomes tedious, yet sitting down
>with a book and working through a passage for a hour or so in the
>evening is great.

Ian Hutchesson wrote:

<<You don't have to download long posts. For example, in Eudora you can
choose Options, from there Checking Mail, and select a size over which you
can skip.>>

 One thing that can improve the list, however, is the avoidance of  the kind
of  sarcastic and acrimonious comments one very frequently encounters in
some e-mails. For example, although I understand that Ian  Hutchesson
rightly became a little ticked off by the fact  that  Bill Rea gave the
irrelevant example of  the dating of  the Pharaoh's, one always wins by
staying courteous, especially when one thinks that the other fellow is
totally off the wall.

I hope nobody becomes my enemy,
I am just saying that you are both partially right and partially wrong :-).


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