Minimalists and other junk

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sun Nov 14 17:25:12 EST 1999

If some of the basic presuppositions used in the interpretation of biblical
Hebrew are in error then, one's assumptions about biblical Hebrew need to
be revised. Some people on this list seem to be interested in the
historical linguistics of Hebrew: if the time frames are wrong, the
historical linguistic analyses are also wrong. When did that we call
biblical Hebrew stop being used as a medium for literature?


At 09.20 15/11/99 +1300, Bill Rea wrote:
>This list is supposed to be about Biblical Hebrew. There must be
>other forums where those who wish to discuss the historicity or
>otherwise of the Hebrew Bible and it's implications for modern
>politics may do so. If there isn't, it's about time one was created.
>There are supposed to be some moderators on this list. I ask publically
>for a decision on whether this type of post is appropriate here.

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