b-hebrew digest: November 12, 1999

Bill Rea cctr114 at its.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Nov 14 15:49:19 EST 1999

Kirk Lowery wrote:-

>As B-Hebrew moderators, we ask that the current threads about the 
>Herzog/Shanks articles be suspended, as well as discussions about the motives 
>and agendas of participants in the debate. On every list where these articles 
>were posted, the result has been only acrimony. This must end.
>We have had discussions in the past about the so-called "Copenhagen School" 
>or "minimalist" approach (not to be confused with the linguistic theories of 
>Noam Chomsky of the same name) to the historicity of the Bible and Israel's 
>history. These discussions, while lively and even sometimes approaching the 
>limits of civility, were informative and useful. Since this historical theory 
>raises the question of the nature and status of the Hebrew Bible, we felt it 
>fit within our forum's charter.
>However, we ask that future postings on this historical approach deal with 
>matters of substance relavant to our purposes and avoid ascribing motives to 
>either authors or discussants.
>Thank you for your cooperation.
>The B-Hebrew Moderators

Thank you. I should have read all my messages from b-hebrew,, which arrived
during my absence, before replying. 

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