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KirkLowery at XC.Org KirkLowery at XC.Org
Fri Nov 12 20:15:12 EST 1999


As B-Hebrew moderators, we ask that the current threads about the 
Herzog/Shanks articles be suspended, as well as discussions about the motives 
and agendas of participants in the debate. On every list where these articles 
were posted, the result has been only acrimony. This must end.

We have had discussions in the past about the so-called "Copenhagen School" 
or "minimalist" approach (not to be confused with the linguistic theories of 
Noam Chomsky of the same name) to the historicity of the Bible and Israel's 
history. These discussions, while lively and even sometimes approaching the 
limits of civility, were informative and useful. Since this historical theory 
raises the question of the nature and status of the Hebrew Bible, we felt it 
fit within our forum's charter.

However, we ask that future postings on this historical approach deal with 
matters of substance relavant to our purposes and avoid ascribing motives to 
either authors or discussants.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The B-Hebrew Moderators

Kirk Lowery <KirkLowery at xc.org>
Lewis Reich <lewreich at javanet.com>
Bryan Rocine <brocine at earthlink.net>

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