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>Uh, guy, I haven't read the books that are being plugged on that
>web-site, and I have no idea whether the summaries offered on the
>web-site are particularly accurate -- but none of that is especially
>relevant to what I was saying.  What I was pointing out is that here
>political Palestinians, who in the normal course of events wouldn't
>particularly care one way or the other about the question of the
>historical accuracy of the Bible, are seizing upon a book which (in
>their own interpretation) argues that David and Solomon and the united
>monarchy never existed 

how can you presume to:
a) know what the "political palestininans" think of a particular book?
b) know that they are "seizing" on a book which is merely advertised, along
with others?

Who has the political agenda here?  A University (!) web site which lists
various books.... or someone who describes the inner motivations of
"political palestinians"?



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