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Thomas L. Thompson tlt at
Fri Nov 12 03:26:54 EST 1999

	[Thomas L. Thompson]  Dear Mr. Churchyard,
	Thank you much for sending the link to Bir Zeit's web site which
lists a number of important recent books on the history and politics of
Palestine. The "truth" you describe is entirely perfect, however. Biblical
minimalism is not seized on here. Not only is the word not used. Keith
Whitelam's book,  The invention of Ancient Israel and my book The Mythic
Past are advertised for sale at discount (with publishers' blurbs) as
important recent literature on Palestine's history. This is hardly either
misuse or unduly tendentious as the web site has as its purpose (you use the
somewhat tendentious term "agenda") of presenting critical literature on
Palestine, a legitimate and I would think important goal for among other
things, peace in this region. Notice the book  Arafat: From Defender to
Dictator. I cite this not because I agree with it (or disagree) but as
evidence that this web site is hardly propagandistic       but a legitimate
function of some of the faculty at Bir Zeit University and for the education
of young Palestinians. 
> P.S.  I don't really want to get involved in discussion of the
> Hertzog vs. Shanks affair, but one thing that is perfectly true
> is that people with agendas seize on "Biblical minimalism" and
> use it for their own purposes.   For example, see:
> --

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