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Tue Nov 9 04:53:47 EST 1999

Yes. BibleWorks 4 (distributed by Hermeneutika) is now without doubt the
best program for the serious study of the Bible in its original languages.


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<<Sorry this message is coming so late.  I have not checked my email for a bit
now.  (By the way, I'm new to the discussion...)

>>I was just in a Hebrew Exegesis Class with a professor of mine (and mentor
in every respect!) and he has switched over from the Gramcord (which he
finds to be very tedious in its format) to Hermeneutika...I think that's
what he calls it...  I will email him and get the right name.  It's awfully
expensive, but it works like a charm.  He is a big time Hebrew Scholar so I
trust his taste.

>>That's as helpful as I can be.

>>i have enjoyed a lot of the discussion here...but I am a listener more than
a talker.  I'm here, just not vocal.  :)


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