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> I  would appreciate anyones help with the rules for understanding the 
> chatuf. Any help or bibliography of resourced would be appreciated. Thanks 
> advance. Shalom, Brent Emery

I assume you have access to the standard grammars. Gesenius,Kautzsch,Cowley 
pp. 49-50. Jouon/Muraoka gives an historical description/explanation in great 
detail, vol. 1, pp 40-46 (esp. p. 45). Perhaps the best summary is in van der 
Merwe, Naude, Kroeze A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar pp 40-42.

That should get you started. After that, if things aren't clear to you, give 
us some specific questions/examples and we'll try to help (we have some 
expert phonologists on this list!).


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