Imperative followed by cohortative

Reinhard G.Lehmann lehmann at
Wed Nov 10 01:34:28 EST 1999

> 1) When there is an imperative followed by cohortatives the basic meaning of
> the cohortatives is one of intention.
> 2) H.W.Wolf says; "After an inperative, a consecutive clause in the first
> person is formed with a cohortative." and also "Such consecutive clauses may
> have the sense of a result as well as the sense of an intention".
> The main texts for imperative followed by cohortatives are Gen 12:1 and 1
> Sam 26:11.
> Can you elaborate on these? Any ideas, however provocative ;-), will be
> welcome.

You best mail Mr. Diehl from Mainz University, who is working on the syntax and syntactical values
of Hebrew imperatives:
jdiehl at


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