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yochanan bitan ButhFam at compuserve.com
Tue Nov 9 06:30:20 EST 1999

>if I really 
>fall in love with the language and/or find the time to really learn it

i noticed you mentioned ... "[akkadian] fluently" ... and also "modern
hebrew" in your list. 

i hope that means that you are already fluent in hebrew. 
that is a sine qua non if you are serious about doing your best in biblical

what levels are necessary? 
i would say about 5000 vocabulary level for BH, 6000-10000 for modern.
if you're not there, then by all means plan a visit over here. i'll be glad
to help out where i can.

on inscriptions that you've mentioned interest in, you may want 

asuppat ketovot `ivriyyot
by shmuel aHitov
jerusalem: mosad bialik, 1992
ISBN 965-342-602-8
eng tit: handbook of ancient hebrew inscriptions

it's nice to work on these things within the language, as it were.

randall buth
rothberg, hebrew u.
jerusalem univ. coll.

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