Akkadian Grammars

jonathan.bailey at gmx.de jonathan.bailey at gmx.de
Mon Nov 8 18:01:37 EST 1999

I know this seems quite a bit off the topic of Hebrew, particularly biblical
Hebrew, but I
am looking for recommendations for an Akkadian Grammar or Lehrbuch. I am getting
into Paleohebrew Epigraphy, and the more I nose around in Reichsaramaic, Ugariti

Paleohebrew, and the real theoretical areas of the origins and relations of the
semitic scripts, the more I find that Akkadian comes into play.

So I am wondering if any of you semitists know about a good grammar. All I can
find in
the stores here is Von Soden's book, and will have to rely on Amazon.com or some
other sort of mail order, so won't be able to do my own shopping. I will have to
what I am recommended. As complete a description of whatever grammars you are
working with would be appreciated. I am absolutely not prepared at this point to
a heavy study of the langauge or actually learn it to fluency, but am more
interested in
being able to take a look at the various morphological patterns and concepts
the language so that I can see where all these suppositions about Hebrew and
Aramaic are coming from. Preferably a book that has a strong latinized rendition
so I
would not have to learn the many cuneiform signs to use the book, though I would
one that has cuneiform signs, so I would not have to buy another grammar if I
fall in love with the language and/or find the time to really learn it fluently.
would prefer
more of a "Lehrbuch" with a gradiated introduction to concepts, with example
sentences, perhaps excercises to do, and a glossary if possible, but if I must b
reference grammar, I would be willing to do that too. Lastly, I would be
interested in
something modern, and printed with the latest technology. Some of these lexicons

grammars, etc, which are reprints of works from early in the century or earlier,
the various vocalizations, alphabets, and signs scribbled in by hand are hardly
legible. I
can imagine the situation with Akkadian could get horrible.

I know this is not the best place to go hunting for this sort of info, but I am
betting on
the chance that maybe someone here will have some information or be able to refe

me further. I notice a list of books on amazon.com, but they provide virtually n

information about them. Also, though I am aware of the most basic aspects of
Akkadian history (old middle and late assyrian and babylonian dialects) I am not
aware of exactly which archaeological finds correspond to which dialect, and
cannot pick a dialect with the best literary corpus.

I can read English, German, and Modern Hebrew. Any recommendation for a grammar
in Hebrew would require an ISBN, as I am not aware of how to order Israeli books
the internet.

Thanks for the help.


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