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> Subject: Debtor (Ron) thanks Ian and ask:--
> Dear Brother Ian:  thank you dear Brother for taking the time out of your
> busy life and helping with with these difficult questions.  As soon as I
> am able I hope to return to the University of Arkansas library and do
> further research there in the later Encyclopedias which the Jewish Hebrew
> editors and scholars have published.  I will try to compare the older one
> with the newer one and see if there have been any major changes.
> >From what I gather from your review, and I appreciate it very much and
> >hope you can
> continue on as you have the time, much of this which seems to be settled
> historical fact may not be so settled after all, or at least is very open
> to further review and more questions.  Am I reading your correctly?
> In addition we seem to both agree that following the establishment of the
> New Religion and its adoption of the ancient LXX, the Pharisees took a
> definite leading part in seeking to reclaim the Jewish Hebrew people from
> all Hellenistic including but not limited to the New Religion?
> Therefore the MT which di come later than both the LXX and the different
> Sacred Books of the New Religion, could well be considered as the
> Pharisees' attempt to purity the Jewish Hebrews and their Sacred Books and
> even their language up to a point from all Hellenistic influences,
> including, but not limited to the New Religion?
> You asked about the date of the Sacred Books of the New Religion or the
> New Testament.  I t seems to me that if we view them from the older and
> more conservative viewpoint, they would fall into the time period between
> AD 40 to 90 with John's The Revelation being the last and latest.  I
> realize that these dates are greatly debated and disputed. My rule with
> the Hebrew Jewish items are to let their best scholars settle my
> questions, I would also view this question the same way.  In my opinion
> that would not include the Revisionists and Existentialists who have
> invaded Christianity since the American Civil War and those Socialist
> Revolutions of Europe being completed about the same time.  I know I may
> seem closed minded on this, but must have some landmarks somewhere.
> Did I understand your correctly in your review that you stated that
> perhaps Justin Martyr was the first Christian writer who really quoted
> from and knew much about the Old Testament?  Do you mean the Hebrew Old
> Testament or would that include the Greek LXX as well?
> Also, what about the various earlier Christian writers, or those during
> his time, who also debated with the Jewish Hebrew leaders and used the Old
> Testament?  It seems to me that they mainly used the LXX.  Do you feel
> this is correct?
> I am not trying to tax you with these additional questions, but I do
> greatly appreciate all your help on these matters.
> Here is my main question:
> In Matthew 5:18 Jesus refereed to one jot or one tittle of the Law.  I
> suppose this has been presented many, many times, but if these items do
> not refer to some vocalization points, what do they refer unto?
> Again dear Brother and kind new friend, thank you so very much for all
> your help and the considerable time you have taken from your busy life to
> help me and those who will read my conclusions.
> May the incomprehensible Jehovah bless you and your family and all your
> efforts.
> Debtor (Ron).
> ps  In the future, perhaps we can discuss further the variants between the
> LXX and the MT which are found in the New Testament quotations from Isaiah
> and compare these with the DSS Isaiah?  I am sure you well realize that
> Matthew 1:22, 23 is only one of the very many variants.

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