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Sorry this message is coming so late.  I have not checked my email for a bit
now.  (By the way, I'm new to the discussion...)

I was just in a Hebrew Exegesis Class with a professor of mine (and mentor
in every respect!) and he has switched over from the Gramcord (which he
finds to be very tedious in its format) to Hermeneutika...I think that's
what he calls it...  I will email him and get the right name.  It's awfully
expensive, but it works like a charm.  He is a big time Hebrew Scholar so I
trust his taste.

That's as helpful as I can be.

i have enjoyed a lot of the discussion here...but I am a listener more than
a talker.  I'm here, just not vocal.  :)


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>I am sitting here with no sort of Concordance or search tools and have
decided that I
>am going to buy myself a program for my computer. I am looking for
>I do a lot of work in rabbinical literature and in addition to having a
program which will
>search the Tenach, I would also like one in which I can search at least the
>and possibly additional Midrashim. I do a weensy bit with the NT too, and
that might
>be nice, but since Jews are not too into the NT, something with Tenach, NT,
>Talmud in the same program is probably too much to ask.
>I would like something that can export to at least RTL Hebrew word
processors, but
>also to LTR word processors would be nice. Also I would like the Tenach to
have as
>much Nikud and cantillation as possible, and to be able to export these
signs as well,
>if possible.
>Also, searching for words by root it enough. I do have something of a
search tool with
>my ancient "Online Bible 6.0" but since I can't search by the root it is
>A program that had "tags" for words (so I could click them and get
>definition, and/or binyan information) would be nice too, but not
>Lastly, something that would let me use my Israeli keyboard for input would
be nice.
>Anybody know of anything that would meet a large portion of these needs? (I
am sure
>a program that meets them all would be too much to ask.) At least can
someone tell
>me about their search programs so I can get links, info, and a feel for
what to expect?
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